Grand Openings

Providing residents of affordable communities with some of the basics that are so easily taken for granted.


A Grand Opening is when the Allgire Foundation gets to provide residents of affordable communities with some of the basics that are so easily taken for granted. We want residents moving into affordable communities to have everything they need to succeed, such as pots and pans, dishes, silverware, trash cans, cleaning supplies, hygiene items, and so much more.

La Entrada Grand Opening

March 2024
La Entrada Apartments
The Allgire Foundation was lucky enough to partner with Wakeland Housing to outfit 65 new affordable housing apartments at La Entrada Apartments with food and move in kits filled with kitchen, bathroom, laundry, and other essentials. Thanks to Allgire General Contractors for their generous donation and support!

Levant Grand Opening

June 2024
Levant Senior Cottages
The Allgire Foundation had the honor to again partner with Wakeland Housing and Allgire General Contractors to provide 127 move in kits and food to the beautiful Levant Senior Cottages in Linda Vista. The pots, pans, plates, glasses, cleaning supplies, and other essentials will provide a nice welcome to the residents of their new homes.

PATH Villas Grand Opening

May 2024
PATH Villas El Cerrito
The Allgire Foundation is proud to have served another affordable housing community by providing move in kits! In May, the Allgire Foundation outfitted 40 apartments at PATH Villas at El Cerrito with move in kits full of all the basics needed to make a house a home. Thanks to PATH for allowing us to be part of such a great new affordable housing community!

Imperial Village Grand Opening

April 2024
Imperial Senior Village
With the incredible support and funding from Allgire General Contractors, the Allgire Foundation partnered with EAH Housing to provide 69 move in kits and food as a thank you to the new residents of Imperial Senior Village. It took multiple trips, but we had a blast!

Post 310 Grand Opening

April 2024
Tranquility at Post 310
With the unique buildings and awesome nooks and crannies of Hitkze Development’s new 43-unit Tranquility at Post 310 affordable housing community in San Diego, the Allgire Foundation took some extra time to create and deliver the move in kits and care packages of food.

Village Green Grand Opening

June 2024
Village Green Apartments
After the early 2024 floods in San Diego decimated the Village Green Community, the Allgire Foundation was extremely proud to help the Village Green residents. Working closely with Wakeland Housing, the Allgire Foundation provided 57 impacted apartments with move in kits to replace pots, pans, kitchen ware, bathroom essentials, shower rods and curtains, and other essentials that were destroyed in the floods.

Puesta Del Sol Grand Opening

April 2024
Puesta Del Sol Apartments
The Allgire Foundation had the pleasure to partner with Community Housing Works to package up and deliver 60 move in kits and food care packages to the new Puesta Del Sol senior community in San Diego.

Casa Nueva Grand Opening

March 2024
Casa Nueva Apartments
With help from Allgire General Contractors, the Allgire Foundation has been able to outfit the newly renovated affordable housing apartments at Casa Nueva with some of the essentials we sometimes take for granted, like plates, silverware, laundry baskets, and bathroom supplies. Thanks to San Diego Community Housing Corporation for allowing us to lend a hand!

Pacific Wind Grand Opening

March 2024
Pacific Wind Apartments
The Allgire Foundation partnered with Innovative Housing Opportunities to provide specialized cleaning move in kits to their new 93-unit affordable housing community in Carlsbad, CA. After multiple trips in borrowed Allgire General Contractors’ trucks, the volunteers were able to make it happen!

Aurora Grand Opening

November 2023
Aurora Apartments
In November 2023, the Allgire Foundation had the pleasure of providing move-in kits and care packages of food to 47 families moving into the Aurora affordable housing apartment community. Partnering again with Trestle Development, Allgire Foundation volunteers created the move-in kits full of plates, glasses, silverware, and other kitchen essentials, as well as laundry and cleaning supplies. Allgire General Contractors’ team members loaded up their trucks and helped deliver it all. Thanks Trestle and AGC!

Amanecer Grand Opening

December 2022
Amanecer Apartments
In December 2022, the Allgire Foundation had the incredible honor of again partnering with Community Housing Works to provide move-in kits and care packages of food to residents of the recently opened 91-unit affordable housing community in Linda Vista, San Diego. Amanacer was designed by Studio E Architects, who assembled all 96 move-in kits. The kits contained much-needed essentials, such as plates, glasses, silverware, kitchen towels, cleaning supplies, laundry detergent, and other items to help make the apartments a home. Thanks CHW!

One Mississippi Grand Opening

November 2022
Mississippi Apartments
In November 2022, the Allgire Foundation was excited and honored to partner with Trestle Build to provide move-in kits to the recently completed community of One Mississippi. Studio E Architects designed a beautiful 61-unit affordable housing community in the Uptown community of San Diego and helped assemble all the move-in kits! Along with the Trestle Team, we knocked on doors and welcomed new residents to the neighborhood. The move-in kits included kitchen, bath, and laundry items and care packages full of food. What an awesome experience!

Shelter Renovation Grand Opening

October 2022 - February 2023
SBCS Shelter Grand Opening
We made some special robust move-in kits for a shelter project for South Bay Community Services. This shelter is for victims of domestic violence who must move quickly out of their current situation into a new place. Many of these victims don’t have anything but some clothes. The move-in kits, or better titled “welcome kits” provide some of the essentials so they can feel at home. We also made robust food bags so they could cook easy meals and bring a semblance of normalcy to their uprooted lives.

Keeler Court Grand Opening

December 2021
Keeler Court Affordable Apartments
In December 2021, the Allgire Foundation had the honor of partnering with Community Housing Works to provide move in kits to the just opened 71 unit Keeler Court Affordable Apartment project in the Southcrest neighborhood of San Diego. The Allgire Foundation provided plates, silverware, glasses and other kitchenware, bathroom, laundry, hygiene, and cleaning supplies, and care packages full of food and games. The entire AGC team loaded up trucks and passed out the kits and packages!

Ivy Senior Apartments Grand Opening

November 2021
Ivy Senior Apartments
In November 2021, the Allgire Foundation had the incredible opportunity to outfit 52 formerly homeless seniors with food, games, supplies, and collapsible shopping carts at Ivy Senior Apartments in the Clairemont neighborhood of San Diego. Wakeland is such a wonderful and caring partner and has allowed the Allgire Foundation to

Trinity Place Grand Opening

August 2021
Trinity Place
The Allgire Foundation had the great fortune of partnering with Wakeland Housing and Development again in August 2021 to provide move in kits to 74 formerly unhoused seniors at Trinity Place in the Grantville area of San Diego. The Allgire Foundation provided rolling, collapsible, shopping carts, housewares, cleaning supplies, hygiene kits, and food and games to the residents. Being able to stock the cupboards with food made this grand opening extra special!

Grove Grand Opening

November 2020
The Grove
In November 2020, the Allgire Foundation had the pleasure of providing portable, folding, rolling grocery carts full of move in supplies for the 81 senior residents at Wakeland Housing and Development’s Grove project in Vista. The rolling carts made life easier for the seniors as they stay active walking to local stores and shops.

Living Rooms at the Border Grand Opening

Early 2020
Living Rooms at The Border
In early 2020, the Allgire Foundation was fortunate enough to work with Casa Familiar on its first grand opening at the beautiful Living Rooms at the Border project in San Ysidro. The Allgire Foundation delivered cookware, kitchenware, bathroom and cleaning supplies, and hygiene kits to the new residents of the affordable housing project. Going door to door and delivering to the residents as the first grand opening for the Allgire Foundation made it extra special.

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