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Transforming Lives by Creating Opportunities

Our Mission

The Allgire Foundation is dedicated to empowering people who are impacted by the lack of affordable housing and changing their lives through advocacy, education and support programs that provide tangible help. Ultimately, we want to make their house a home.

Our Story

Our Story

Allgire General Contractors has been building affordable housing for more than 30 years, becoming one of the top contractors and a strong, positive force in the community. With the retirement of founders Rick and Mary Ann Allgire, the company’s passionate employees are honoring them and continuing their legacy through the Allgire Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, an organization the employees created to give back to the community where they live, build and play.

Through their decades of building affordable housing, Allgire General Contractors has observed that residents moving into affordable housing often lack some of the basics needed for a new home: plates, silverware, pots, cleaning supplies, basic hygiene supplies, and so many other needs. The Allgire Foundation is helping fill that void by providing community care packages to residents of these communities. The foundation will also focus on providing scholarships to people impacted by affordable housing to help create new opportunities for the future.

Collage of Allgire Foundation personnel

What People Are Saying


“I was pleasantly surprised to find a bag of fresh produce delivered to my doorstep at Amanecer in Linda Vista. Thank you for all that you do for the community.”
“Thank you so very much for building affordable and secure housing that is especially designed for the Senior and physically challenged populations. I really appreciate all of the kindnesses shown by your staff, and for the ongoing donations that are being distributed by your non-profit organization. Thank You!”
“As a newly single mom of a 7 month old boy I'm extremely grateful I have been stressing about food the last 2 days and this popped up at my door. I'm so blessed there are people like you guys out there.”
“Thanks for everything this morning. Your team has been incredibly supportive and helpful throughout the event process, especially at the event today.”
“Getting everything ready and working for the staging was no easy task. But you and your talented, hard working team managed to do it quickly, effectively and thoughtfully.”
"Thank you, Allgire Foundation! It’s been such a pleasure to get to know you and our tenants have been so appreciative and grateful for you thoughtfulness. We look forward to more collaborations this year!"
“I have no doubt the spirit and generosity of your team was a much needed lift. We REALLY appreciate all that you do and how you do it.”
“The positive energy you guys brought plus all the goodies, made a difference in my day and with my residents. They are all happy. I saw many smiles that were very much needed.”
“On behalf of Terra Cotta Apts in San Marcos California we are so very thankful for your consideration of donating produce to us! As someone who grew up in low income, I'm very thankful.”
“You are truly making an outstanding difference in our lives!”
“You are truly making an outstanding difference in our lives!”
“People like you help us get the opportunity to go back despite all the obstacles.”
“You rock buddy!!! This is soooooooo helpful.”
“Thanks so much for your continuous generosity!”
“Wow – as always, team Allgire is ready to save the day!”

The Team

Scott Silber
Executive Director

Rick & Mary Ann Allgire
President & Secretary

Margo Whitchurch
Want to help make a difference? Please contact us at info@allgirefoundation.org