The Allgire Foundation strongly believes that no event is too small to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming events

2024 Upcoming Events

The Allgire Foundation aims to surpass last year’s outreach by supporting more individuals and communities. We’re gearing up for an exhilarating kickoff to 2024, featuring numerous Grand Openings and, of course, our Annual Spring Harvest event. If you’re interested in participating in these events or wish to inquire about donating supplies, please reach out to Scott Silber at Your involvement can make a meaningful difference.

Recent Events

Two volunteers at 2024 Spring Harvest
Tents at the 2024 Allgire Foundation Spring Harvest
Man sitting in a truck
Volunteer bagging produce at the 2024 Spring Harvest
volunteer at 2024 spring harvest
Aerial photo of 2024 spring harvest
Box of lemons with a hand reaching in
Volunteer bagging produce at 2024 spring harvest
Man standing in the back of a truck full of boxes of produce

Kelly Slaters Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event 3
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event
Kelly Slater's Surf Event

"I’m almost 80 and you brought us food. I just wanted to say thank you. I never want to take organizations like yours for granted.”
“I was at my friends when he received a bag of fresh food at his door. I looked up the info and I’m moved by the foundation’s goals. With that being said, I’d like to be apart of that by volunteering.”

“Thank you for all that you and the Allgire team are doing to help our community!"
“Just wanted to tell you how incredibly grateful we are for your donation. Your team is amazing, and our seniors were extra happy today.”

Speakers at Allgire Foundation 2022 Gala
Speakers on stage at 2022 Gala
People hugging at 2022 Gala
Speaker at 2022 Allgire Foundation Gala
Man speaking into microphone at 2022 Gala
Man holding envelope at 2022 Gala
Couple seated at 2022 Allgire Foundation Gala
Man speaking at podium at 2022 Gala
Man with large bottle of champagne
Man standing at podium

“Thank you for your generosity, what a great event and contribution to the community!"
“Thank you for the fruits and vegetables, so considerate and great Allgire takes this on."

“Thanks a million!”
“We appreciate your generosity and kindness.”

“You really know how to make someone smile. Thank you."
“To whom it may concern, just wanted to send a big THANK YOU to this organization.”

“Thanks a million!”
“We appreciate your generosity and kindness.”

Testimonials / What People Are Saying

“I came home very tired after errands, to a bag of fresh fruits and vegetables. Such a nice surprise! Thank you so much!”
Spring Harvest
“Thank you Allgire Foundation, you are so thoughtful and considerate.”
Ivy Grand Opening
“The positive energy you guys brought plus all the goodies, made a difference in my day and with my residents. They are all happy. I saw many smiles that were very much needed. It was definitely a pleasure having you guys.”
Keeler CHW Grand Opening
“Thank you for going above and beyond to help the residents.”
Living Rooms at the Border Grand Opening
"This is so lovely! Thank you, thank you, thank you for such generosity to our residents."
Grove Grand Opening
“The essential items are of nice quality and the games are an even nicer touch!”
Keeler CHW Grand Opening
"The food I received today is very much appreciated. Living on a fixed income, I had been able to get by ok until prices for food and gas increased dramatically over the last few months."
Spring Harvest
"The Allgire Foundation is wonderful."
Trinity Place Grand Opening
“I received a knock at my door and was greeted by a nice lady and her daughter delivering bags of fruit to our community residents. I just want to thank you for the fruit and vegetables. So considerate and great that Allgire takes on this project.”
Spring Harvest

Interested In Helping Your Community?

You can support our mission through donations, sponsorships, or volunteering. The Allgire Foundation offers volunteer opportunities for individuals, families, businesses, and other non-profit organizations.